Friends who bake: talk to me.  I’m making gingerbread later this week, and the recipe (which by the way is outstanding) calls for oil.  I don’t like the aftertaste I get from using canola oil.*  I’ve tried using butter, increasing the quantity by about 25% — it’s not as moist.  What should I try next?  Things I’ve considered:

  • Maybe the milk solids make it set up harder.  I could use ghee instead of butter.  Or coconut oil if I’m too lazy to make ghee.
  • Maybe the much higher level of saturated fat in the butter is to blame.  In that case, neither ghee nor coconut oil would help.  I could try an oil with better flavor, but olive oil just sounds weird and peanut doesn’t sound much better.  Sesame sounds great.  Also expensive.  Recommendations?
  • Maybe there’s some other magical solution I’ve never heard of.  Add a few tablespoons of bourbon and the cake will be perfectly moist?  Drink a few tablespoons of bourbon and I won’t care anymore?

p.s. googling this problem led me to many, many explanations about when and how to replace butter with oil.  WRONG DIRECTION, friends.

*I freely admit that this is a ridiculously tiny detail in the context of a cake as spicy, moist, and delicious  as this one.  Nevertheless, it bothers me.